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In this new podcast series, poets living in refugee camps in Greece, Malawi, Western Sahara and Jordan bring us their work, and explore the links between creativity and politics.

Produced by Bairbre Flood.

Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Cover art painting by Shukran Shirzad.

Wander – episode 1 – Parwana Amiri

Parwana Amiri, poetry, refugee camp art, refugee voices, Moria refugee camp, podcast about migration, refugee poems,

Originally from Afghanistan, Parwana Amiri has written extensively about her time in Moria Refugee Camp, and now about life in Ritsona camp in Greece, where she lives with her family.

She teaches at  Wave of Hope for the Future – a school founded by refugees – is a coordinator of Youth Refugee Movement and has published a collection called ‘Letters To The World From Moria’.

She publishes new poems every week in collaboration with the Brush and Bow Collective and is currently working on her new book – ‘Letters To The World From Ritsona’.

In this podcast, we talked about her creative process, becaming a refugee,  and why it’s important for everyone to write their own stories.  We also discussed how writing can help trauma, collective expression, personal growth, and social and political change. And how living first in Moria Refugee Camp, and now in Ritsona influences her writing.

She’s an amazing young woman, with a unique voice – and her poetry is a raw and passionate exploration of the injustice within our migration system, and an inspiration to writers and activists everywhere who seek change.

She reads her poems:

  • ‘In The Camps’
  • ‘You Can Stay Silent’
  • ‘We Were In Distress’
  • ‘Every Night Before Sleep’
  • ‘We Are Burning’
  • ‘I Swear I Will Never Stay Silent’.

Read more of her work here and on Infomobile.

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